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Erinne Guthrie

Store Owner

I have been coaching triathletes and working in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years and with each athlete, I work with I learn how individual every person is. There is no textbook method to coaching if you look at each person as an individual. They each have different strengths and different weaknesses. What works for one may or may not work for another. My goal when I work with an athlete is to improve their limiters and strengthen their skills to help them achieve their athletic goals.

Each athlete I work with adds to my knowledge base of coaching, a give and take relationship is naturally developed. I work with the most basic beginner to the most advanced athletes taking them to their next level of fitness and triathlon goals. I cover every detail that needs attention. I require each athlete to give as much feedback as possible throughout their journey. I have seen hundreds of athletes achieve their goals successfully and I look forward to working with you too. I advocate a balanced approach to training that helps endurance athletes reach optimal performance through the perfect combination of training, recovery and nutrition.